Measuring the Impact of Trump’s Steel Import Restrictions

The US policy to restrict steel imports will increase the influx of imported products to Indonesia. This should be used as momentum to eliminate various industrial barriers.


Steel production in PT Krakatau Steel Tbk, Cilegon, Banten. | Katadata | Agung Samosir

The US policy of restricting steel imports will add to the flood of imported products into Indonesia. The entry of cheap Chinese steel and the lack of competitiveness are already suffocating the domestic steel industry. This should provide momentum for the government to remove various barriers that suppress the national steel industry before the US plan is realized.

President Donald Trump, who likes controversy, again shocked the world with his plan to stem steel imports to the US. He said that he would impose import tariffs of 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminium, to protect and stimulate US steel producers.

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