What is D-Inside ?

D-Inside is a premium information service, a product of Katadata.co.id and HukumOnline.com. It presents in-depth, exclusive writings on politics, economy, and business which may become reference for top level management board in corporation.

Who designs the content of D-Inside ?

All the contents are designed and compiled by team of writers from Katadata and Hukumonline. They are experienced and expert in politics, regulation, economy, and business.

Why do I need to register ?

Register is necessary so that your transaction is neatly recorded, it will also secure your safety.

I do not get any activation email

If you have not yet received activation link in your email, here are the problems:

  • Your email address is invalid
  • If the email is not in your inbox, please check spam or bulk.
  • If your email traffic is jamming, please wait for a while.
  • If all of this fails, please re-register using other valid emails.
How to utilize the service ??

After registering, you must log in with your username and password to access contents of D-Inside.

My login fails, what should I do ?

Both username and passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that you swtich off caps lock key on your computer when you fill in the information. Make sure that your browser accept cookies. If you still fail, please contact our information service above.

What currency does D-Inside use ?

Customers purchasing product or service from D-Inside will have the invoice sent in IDR curency.

Can I keep clear account of transaction data ?

Sure, by registering, all data on your transaction will be clearly recorded, you must log in first with your User ID.

What is D-Inside’s privacy regulation ?

For D-Inside, your privacy is a top priority, information about membership and other information sent to D-Inside will not be used for other purposes unrelated to services by D-Inside.

What does D-Inside use as online safety tools ?

We work hard to provide safe and guaranteed online environment for you using latest technology to protect your private information and monitor our computer system. This protection will be enhanced with Firewall and Cookie system. Besides, we will not send spam emails that may threaten your safety, such as allowing other parties to ask you to reply using your password or account.

Can I copy contents of D-Inside ?

The contents of D-Inside (please read Terms and Conditions for further detail) are prohibited to be copied, recorded or reproduced (please read Terms and Conditions for further detail) for any commercial purposes without any written permission from D-Inside.

Can I let other people access D-Inside using my username and password ?

One subscription (with one username and password) is only valid for one person, unless in certain agreement.

Do I need to keep evidence of my transaction with D-Inside ?

We suggest our subscribers to keep all evidences of transaction with D-Inside.

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