Meet The Team

Metta Dharmasaputra

Editor in Chief

Metta is the founder of katadata.co.id. He is an experienced journalist specialising in economics, business, and investigation. He has received a number of awards, one of which is the Udin Award from Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (Independent Journalists Alliance) Indonesia in 2008 for his investigative report on the Asian Agri case, which is the biggest tax case in Indonesia.

Metta then wrote the output of his investigation on the Asian Agri case in a book titled Saksi Kunci (Key Witness). In 2007, he was awarded Best Indonesia Journalist of The Year by PWI Reformasi.   

Heri Susanto

Research Director

Heri Susanto has an extensive career in the media and research field, specialising in economics and business. He held various important positions in a number of media, such as Head of Economics and Business Rubric of Majalah Tempo and Koran Tempo, as well as Head of Business Desk at the prominent online media Vivanews.com.

In the field of research, Heri had worked at a business research company based in Singapore, and at Independent Research and Advisory Indonesia (IRAI) before joining into found katadata.co.id.

Yura Syahrul

Managing Editor

Yura Syahrul is an experienced journalist in economic, business and politics. He specialises in writing corporate news, capital markets, finance, and macroeconomics, with his extensive network and expertise in analyzing financial reports.

Yura is now Managing Editor at katadata.co.id. His career began as a capital market reporter at Investor Magazine in 2001; Tempo News Room, Tempo Magazine, and Koran Tempo in all areas of coverage; and investment and business media KONTAN in 2006-2015.

Amal Ihsan Hadian

Senior Writer

Amal spent most of his career reporting and writing news on economics and business, at Tempo and Kontan, for the online, newspaper, and magazine/tabloid formats. He specialises in reporting news relating to macro-economics and finance.

Amal holds a Master’s of Defense Economics from Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia (Unhan), and he has also been involved as a formulation team member and peer reviewer for academic papers on industry policies and the defense sector. Some of his research has also been published as books.

Muchamad Nafi

Senior Writer

Muchamad Nafi is an experienced investigation journalist holding numerous awards. His career began at Majalah Tempo and Koran Tempo. During his tenure at the investigation desk, Nafi and his team received the highest award in the journalism field: the Mochtar Lubis Award, for three years in a row from 2009 to 2011.

In the following year Nafi was awarded the Adiwarta Award. He ended his career at Tempo as  Head of Yogyakarta-Central Java Bureau. He then became Managing Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia before joining Katadata.

Ade Wahyudi

Senior Writer

Ade Wahyudi is now Managing Director at Katadata. He is also one of the founders of katadata.co.id. He has extensive experience in reporting politics, energy, and digital technology. Besides on Katadata, some of his opinion articles have been featured on Majalah Tempo and Koran Tempo.

Before joining Katadata, Ade was Program Manager at the Kantor Berita Radio (Radio News Office-trans) 68H. This office is the largest in Indonesia with over 900 radio networks throughout 33 provinces in the country.

Adek Media Roza

Head of Research

Before joining Katadata in 2014, Adek was a journalist at Tempo. At one of the biggest media in Indonesia, he was positioned in various reporting posts, ranging from economics, politics, metro, to sport. He was even appointed as a producer to develop Tempo TV.

At Katadata, Adek strengthens the Division of Research and Publications. One of his responsibilities is to write analytical articles on economics and business. Adek holds a Master from the University of Technology, Sydney, and apart from his activities at Katadata he also teaches journalism at university.

Padjar Iswara

Head of Data

Padjar has extensive experience as a journalist, specialising in economics and business. As a journalist, Padjar has done plenty of in-depth reports on various important issues in economics, business, and finance.

Before joining katadata.co.id, Padjar had served as an intern for executive editor of the Economics and Business Rubric of Majalah Tempo. Besides that, he was also Deputy Chief Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia magazine. He was also Vice President Editor at the mutual fund investment portal Bareksa.com.


Nazmi Haddyat Tamara

Data Analyst

Nazmi is the Data Analyst and Statistician at Katadata. Graduating from Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Agricultural University) in Statistics, he has been experienced in data processing and analysis on various sectors and topics, ranging from macro-economics, finance, market, politics, to technology and digital.

Having joined since 2016, Nazmi has been chosen as Katadata’s delegate in the event Hackathon by Hackastory with the theme “Change Future Journalism” in Prague, Czech Republic in November 2017.

Hari Widowati

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